Oregano is a flowering plant in the mint family (Lamiaceae). It is native to southwestern Eurasia and the Mediterranean region. This herb is a perennial bushy, semi-woody shrub with spreading stems and branches with tiny white to purple flowers. Oregano, also known as wild marjoram, can be used in a variety of dishes with meat, … Continued


Parsley is the dried aromatic leaf of a biennial herb with dense foliage and white flowers. The bright green leaves are finely divided and curled. Leaves and seeds are used as a herb and spice. The aroma of the herb is characteristic, fragrant and spicy due to volatile oil present. There are two main groups … Continued


Sage is a perennial herb native to the Mediterranean region commonly cultivated as a kitchen and medicinal herb. It is a short-lived shrub that grows up to 60 cm tall and has intensely aromatic gray-green leaves with a slightly bitter lemonish taste. Sage is used in flavouring meat, sausages, salads, cheese and soups. The main … Continued