5 reasons to outsource to Nedspice

Learn about Nedspice supply chain advantages compared to the traditional supply chain

1. Cost-efficient

Our presence in origin countries allows us to directly buy from farmers and process the ingredients in Nedspice’ local processing facilities. By cutting out the middlemen, we have fewer intermediary costs for handling, processing and storage of the ingredients. This, in combination with our sourcing and processing expertise and volume efficiencies, enables us to provide your ingredients in the most cost-efficient manner.

2. Wholesome ingredients

We provide an uninterrupted supply of wholesome, natural and food safe spices. Our broad product portfolio is made up off high quality ingredients with authentic taste. Through our unrivalled sourcing capabilities, we can supply conventional, sustainable and organic spices according to your specifications. Our control throughout the manufacturing process allows for consistent evaluation and testing of the products. We have an experienced quality control department that is dedicated to deliver high-quality and compliant products that meet your expectations as well as those of relevant regulatory agencies.

3. Product expertise

We have over 20 years of experience in processing spices in Vietnam and India. Our proximity to farmers enables us to guarantee full traceability. This gives us control of product quality and food safety and allows for efficient investigation in case of an issue related to the product. Our state-of-the-art processing facilities and internal laboratory capabilities safeguard product quality all the way from the farm to your factory’s gate.

4. High service levels

Nedspice is well known for its high service levels. All our products can be delivered customized to customer specifications and needs. This includes any specific sustainable and organic requirements you might have. On your request we can develop special products to meet individual market requirements. Moreover, our experienced sales team and research department will help you stay informed of market developments to ensure you make the right purchasing decision. Our precise process management, inventory services and global warehousing capabilities enable us to guarantee on-time deliveries and flexibility in call off schedules.

5. R&D capabilities

Our years of experience within the spice industry has resulted in deep knowledge of the ingredients we sell. We put this knowledge to work via various projects and activities. Our highly skilled agronomists help farmers increase their yield and product quality through regular control and farm-level support. We have built state of the art processing facilities and continuously innovate to become more efficient and reduce our environmental footprint. We have developed Nedspice blue bag to preserve the volatile oils of ingredients during transport and storage and we have developed and mapped the sensory profiles for pepper. Our deep understanding of our products can assist you and your customers to develop products in which taste will make the difference.

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