Outsourcing to Nedspice

Benefit from our direct link with farmers and our processing facilities in origin countries

From traditional supply chain to Nedspice supply chain

Compared to a traditional supply chain, Nedspice supply chain has many benefits. Our direct links with farmers, in combination with our own processing facilities in origin countries, allows us to offer products at a competitive price.

5 reasons to outsource to Nedspice

#1 – Cost effective
#2 – Wholesome ingredients
#3 – Product expertise
#4 – High service levels
#5 – R&D capabilities


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Research & development

Our years of experience within the spice industry has resulted in deep knowledge of the ingredients we sell. This knowledge is put to work in our Research and Development department through various projects and activities. From sourcing and processing to transport and trade, we continuously innovate to deliver quality products with competitive pricing.

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