Partners & memberships

How we partner with our customers, other companies and our farmers

A partner to our customers

We aim to operate as a partner to our customers by providing high service levels, on-time delivery and quality assurance. By supplying ingredients that comply with all relevant regulations and customised to our customer specifications, we deliver the carefree part of our customers’ product. We are a reliable partner and often develop long-term relationships with our customers. These long-term partnerships allow us to become a provider of solutions rather than products and add genuine value to the customers’ product.

We focus on collective innovation and knowledge sharing

The major challenges faced by the food industry make constant innovation, knowledge sharing and aligned interest representation imperative to succeed as a sector. That is why we are an active member of the European Spice Association (ESA), the American Spice Trade Association (ASTA), the Royal Dutch Spice Association (KNSV) as well as the Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA), Association of the German Spice Industry, All India Spices Exporters Forum (AISEF) and National Sustainable Spice Program India (NSSP-India).



We create growth for both people and planet

We believe in growth that benefits everyone. By initiating programs like the Nedspice Farmers Partnership Program, the Kisaan farmers club and public-private partnerships, Nedspice shows responsible leadership in the road towards sustainable spicing.