Product Grades

The processing facilities in Vietnam and India are capable of turning out a wide variety of different grades of whole, ground and cracked spices to customer specification. On average Nedspice supplies well over 150 different grades and types.
Typical grades that can be produced are:

  • Fine grind: 250 to 600 micron (60-34 mesh)
  • Coarse ground: 600 to 1000 micron (30-18 mesh)
  • Cracked: 1000 to 2000 micron (16-8 mesh)
  • Half berries


All products processed by Nedspice are free of foreign material, because they are thoroughly cleaned and graded by various cleaning equipment such as de-stoners, aspirators, spirals, magnets and sieves. In addition to this, our plants are equipped with industry-leading steam sterilizers, nitrogen cooled mills and an advanced packing system.


Our first concern is to deliver high quality and food safe ingredients. As part of our production process all raw materials are sourced whole, inspected on arrival, cleaned and hand sorted, prior to grinding at our production facilities in India and Vietnam. Therefore, we can guarantee the purity of the materials we supply.

In addition to this, our factories are ISO22000, BRC certified (Grade A and AA), M & S ‘A’ list, Valid-It, HACCP procedures have been implemented and Halal, Kosher and Sedex certifications are in place. We comply with all relevant national and international regulations regarding food safety.

The same way we guarantee the quality of our products, we guarantee high-quality service. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for us. All products can be delivered customized to customer’s needs and specifications and we always seek to do so in the most cost-effective manner.

Packaging, warehousing and distribution

Our packaging, storage facilities and distribution channels are all developed with the aim to preserve and protect the quality of the product.


Nedspice can supply any size of industrial packaging. Typically, a product is packed in 25 kg bags, 625 kg bulk bags or 50 lbs carton boxes. Proper transportation is essential to maintain quality.

Packaging types:

  • Bags: 15-50 kilograms, paper or plastic bags, with or without inner liner, micro perforated, anti-slip.
  • Bulk bags: 90 x 90 x 124 cm (+/- 2 cm) poly bags holding up to 700 kilograms.
  • Pallets: wooden (ISPM 15) or plastic block pallets, 100 x 120 cm.
  • Container: stuffing can be done loose or palletized/shrink-wrapped, with or without cover sheets.


A big challenge when transporting and storing products is the preservation of the natural volatile oils. To overcome this problem, we have developed a new type of bag that reduces the losses of volatile oils up to 49%.

Learn more about the blue bag

Distribution & Warehousing

Nedspice offers inventory services through several strategically located warehouses around the world. Just in time deliveries, flexible call-off schedules and vendor managed inventory services can be provided at customer’s request. In case of unexpected adjustments in planning of input materials Nedspice can offer solutions on short notice.

"Our packaging, storage facilities and distribution channels are developed with the aim to preserve and protect the quality of the product."