Preserving volatile oils during transport and storage

R&D 06 Jun 2020

Nedspice Blue Bag

A big challenge when transporting and storing spices is to preserve the natural volatile oils. The fragrance and flavour of a spice is determined by the volatile oils. Therefore, the packaging and storage conditions of spices is extremely important to protect the quality. Spices packed in traditional paper/polyethylene bags can lose a substantial amount of volatile oil over time. For ground black pepper the level of volatile oil can drop by as much as 35% over a six-month period, for ground white pepper the number can even rise to a staggering 61%.

That is why Nedspice has been working on the development of The Nedspice Blue Bag. The Nedspice Blue Bag consists of 7 layers, is impenetrable and is heat sealed. Test results show significant improvements of up 41% for 25kg bags and 53% for bulk bags. The Nedspice Blue Bag is another Nedspice solution that contributes to providing our customers with the best quality products and services.

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