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Nedspice's onion dehydration factory

Our cutting-edge sustainable onion dehydration factory boasts the latest technology, ensuring efficiency, quality, and environmental responsibility.

  • A sustainable factory with an innovative drying process
  • 60% lower CO2 emission compared to a traditional dehydration factory
  • Saving 67% water compared to a traditional dehydration factory
  • Efficiency in water use and prevention of water scarcity through a circular water system
  • Guaranteed high-quality and food-safe ingredients verified by third-party certifications
  • Sustainably grown onions through the Nedspice Farmers Partnership Programme
  • Processing capacity of 4,000 tonnes per year with a possibility to increase to 12,000 tonnes

Our innovative drying process for a sustainable future

Nedspice is commited to improve the spice industry in a sustainable way. We do this by working together with farmers and by prioritising sustainability throughout our supply chain. We have worked very hard to create a dehydration factory that operates sustainably and thereby contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, whilst producing tasteful ingredients of the highest quality. Through the innovative drying process, we reduce our CO2 emission by 60% compared to traditional dehydration factories. This means that we save around 7.8 million kilograms of CO2 each year. This equates to 15 hectares of deforested land or even to launching one modern space shuttle!


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The onions are dried at low temprature which enables a more homogenously coloured dehydrated product. During the dehydration process the raw ingredients are pasteurized, this ensures a food safe and finished product that is ready to eat. We can produce our dehydrated products with varying microbiological grades, from standard to extra low bacterial grade. Nedspice is currently the only one who can offer ultra low bacterial grade using our inhouse natural proprietary process.

We can provide dehydrated onion as kibbled, chopped, minced, granulated, or powdered.


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