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Nedspice unveils its state-of-the-art dehydration factory for premium-quality onions.

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Nedspice's Dehydration Onion Factory

Nedspice’s cutting-edge sustainable onion dehydration factory boasts the latest technology, ensuring efficiency, quality, and environmental responsibility.

  • Sustainably grown onions through the Nedspice Farmers Partnership Programme
  • A sustainable factory with an innovative drying process
  • 60% lower CO2 emission compared to a traditional dehydration factory
  • Prevention of water scarcity through circular water use
  • Processing capacity of 4,000 tonnes per year with a possibility to increase to 12,000 tonnes
  • Guaranteed high-quality and food-safe ingredients verified by third-party certifications

Is this the future of onion production?

Collaborating with us reduces CO2 emissions by 60%, contributing significantly to environmental preservation. Join us in our sustainability efforts!

Nedspice is committed to sustainably improving the spice industry. We do this by working together with farmers and by prioritising sustainability throughout our supply chain. We have worked very hard to create a dehydration factory that operates sustainably and thereby contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, whilst producing tasteful ingredients of the highest quality. Through the innovative drying process, we reduce our CO2 emission by 60% compared to traditional dehydration factories. This means that we save around 7.8 million kilograms of CO2 each year. This equates to 15 hectares of deforested land or even to launching one modern space shuttle!

Explore our range of premium dehydrated onions

Discover the versatility of our dehydrated onions! Choose from kibbled, chopped, minced, granulated, or powdered options. Our low-temperature drying process ensures consistent color and pasteurization guarantees food safety. From standard to ultra-low bacterial grade, Nedspice provides unmatched quality. Explore our wide range and experience optimal flavor profiles tailored to your needs.

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