Vietnamese cassia to be added to NFPP product range

News 09 May 2022

Some years ago we defined 6 ‘Signature Products’. For these, Nedspice commits to invest in unrivaled expertise and long term sustainable capacity. 

After successfully running the Nedspice Farmer Partnership Programme (NFPP) model for almost 10 years in pepper, cumin and turmeric, we finally kicked-off the NFPP roll-out for Cassia in Yen Bai. Over the next years we will work together with our partners (IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative, CRED, local partners and governmental authorities) in Yen Bai, Vietnam to develop 600mt of sustainably grown Cassia under UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade)/RA certification.

Please let us know any interest and we’ll be happy to share more information about this exciting development.