Vietnam International Pepper Outlook 2022

News 15 Nov 2022

From 9 – 11 November 2022, the Vietnam International Pepper Outlook (VIPO) took place in Dak Lak, Vietnam. The VIPO is an event dedicated to the pepper industry, with current production and future development of Vietnamese pepper as the main topic of discussion.

This year’s VIPO was themed ‘Back to the Fundamentals’, in other words back to the fundamentals of growing and processing quality pepper. One of the key questions of the conference was how to work close(r) with farmers and include them in discussions on improving the supply chain. During the conference Nedspice was awarded by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development for doing just that. Since 2013 we have been working directly with pepper farmers to create high-quality products and sustainably improve the supply chain. We are very proud to have received this award and hope to have inspired others to see farmers as their most important partners as well.

The Vietnam International Pepper Outlook (VIPO) caters to various stakeholders of the Vietnamese and international pepper sector. The 200 participants consisted of retailers, exporters, importers, processors, ministers, NGOs, farmers and bankers.