The Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture honours Nedspice with an award

News 21 Dec 2021

Nedspice received an award from the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in recognition of Nedspice’s efforts to integrate farmers in the supply chain and Nedspice’s contribution to the Vietnamese pepper industry as a whole.

Since setting up Nedspice Farmers Partnership Program (NFPP) in 2013, Nedspice actively supports pepper farmers through training, on-farm support and by providing relevant market and industry information. By doing so we integrate the farmers into the supply chain and help their farms to become more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

The integration of farmers in the supply chain is becoming more important due to increasing regulatory requirements, both in terms of food quality as well as sustainability. Through the direct link with companies like Nedspice, farmers are aware of relevant developments in the spice industry and are well-equipped to comply with new standards.

The award was handed out during the annual meeting of the Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA). VPA is an association that represents all businesses, organisations and individuals operating in the Vietnam pepper industry. VPA has the objective to further develop Vietnam as a sustainable and efficient pepper production country in a highly competitive international market.

We are very honoured to have received this special award from MARD, who have always been a very helpful and supporting partner in our quest to make the spice industry a more sustainable place.