Why working together on sustainable spicing is the only way forward.

For millions of smallholders’ farmers, especially outside of Western hemisphere, it is difficult to secure an income above substance level. Insecurity and poor living conditions pressures farmers into poor agricultural practices, such as uncontrolled pesticide use, continuous cropping and poor wastewater management. Practices that add to degradation of natural resources such as soil and forests. Jeopardizing future spice production and the environment

Working together on

These issues we need to tackle together. Because only together we can drive change. That is why, in close partnership with our farmers, clients, NGO’s and industry platforms we are working on transforming the spice industry into a more sustainable market.

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Sustainable spicing

To ensure availability of raw materials in the long-term we prioritise sustainability throughout the supply chain. At the source we support farmers to improve their agricultural practices and protect their livelihood through Nedspice Farmers Partnership Programme (NFPP). As a partner of the Sustainable Spices Initiative (SSI) we push collective industry transformation forward. Through various projects with governments, NGO’s and research centres we contribute to sustainable innovation.

But most importantly, our expertise in sourcing and distribution combined with our presence in origin provides that we can do all this in a cost-efficient and quality consistent manner. This is what we call sustainable spicing.