Promotion of sustainable black pepper production in Vietnam

News 20 Nov 2020

To promote sustainable agricultural practices Vietnam’s National television channel VTV2 recently broadcasted an interesting round table discussion on sustainable pepper production. Participants in the discussion were representatives of Vietnam’s National Agriculture Extension Centre (NAEC) and international non-profit organization IDH. Nedspice’ very own backward integration manager Le Thanh Hung also joined the discussion, where he spotlighted the importance of corporate responsibility and how Nedspice encourages farmers to become more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

To further promote sustainable pepper farming practices, abovementioned representatives of the public, private and non-profit sector have developed four e-learning modules. The modules deal with MRL management, pepper plant growing techniques, crop management and disease treatments. All modules are freely accessible for anyone who is interested in sustainable production methods. We hope this inspires more people to sustainably improve their agricultural practices, so that together we can make the world of black pepper more sustainable.

The four e-learning modules with English subtitles can be found via the links below:
Clip 01 on food safety
Clip 02 introduction to pepper varieties in Vietnam
Clip 03 pepper plant growing techniques
Clip 04 treatment of diseases on pepper plants

For those of you who speak Vietnamese: you can watch VTV2’s round table discussion here.