Nedspice’s new sustainable onion dehydration factory

News 13 Dec 2021

Nedspice Group is happy to announce that Nedspice Dehydration India LLP. will be operational early 2022. Nedspice’s newest factory can produce 4,000 tonnes of dehydrated onions per year, with a possibility to increase to 12,000 tonnes.

Nedspice is committed to improve the spice industry in a sustainable way. That is why for the last couple of years we have worked very hard to create a dehydration factory that operates sustainably. By using a revolutionary dehydration method, we have been able to create a drying process that reduces the CO2 emissions by 60% compared to traditional dehydration factories. Nedspice Dehydration India LLP. is located in the water scarce area of Gujarat in India, which inspired us to construct a factory with a circular water system at its base. Resulting in up to 67% of water saved compared to a traditional dehydration factory.

We are very proud of the contribution this factory makes to Nedspice sustainability targets as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals. More importantly, Nedspice Dehydration India LLP. is currently the only one who can offer Nedspice Ultra Low Bacterial Grade: including microbiological levels lower than TVC <50,000 and Y&M <500. The drying technology enables pasteurization without radiation creating food safe and ready-to-eat ingredients.

The new innovative dehydration factory will support Nedspice’s global customers in delivering ingredients to the highest safety and quality standards, while contributing to a sustainable supply chain.

We look forward to share more information on our dehydration factory in the new year. In the meantime feel free to contact your sales manager.