Nedspice successful farmers Call Centre to be expanded to all NFPP India areas

News 10 Sep 2020

Nedspice Call Centre in Rajasthan will be expanded to all operational areas of Nedspice Farmers Partnership Programme (NFPP) in India. The success of the first Nedspice call centre – covering the NFPP area in Rajasthan – justifies an expansion to the other NFPP areas in India. This means that NFPP farmers in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala will soon be able to make use of the Nedspice Call Centre to get advice from Nedspice agronomists.

Nedspice Call Centre was initiated to provide information regarding cumin cultivation, weather forecasts and market updates to cumin farmers that participate in NFPP.
Thanks to the call centre, farmers quickly receive answers to any technical question on crop input, locust swarm threats or any other issues regarding cultivation they may have. The immediate response increased prevention of crop loss and overall quality of products.

The Call Centre is staffed by NFPP project officers and is open during working hours.

The pie chart on the right shows the break down of calls received since the start in Nov. 2019.