Nedspice response to COVID-19

News 21 Mar 2021

As we have entered the second year of the Coronavirus pandemic, we continue to navigate our global business through different stages of the virus. While the virus seems to be more controlled in Europe and the US, India is managing unprecedented case-loads and previously unaffected Vietnam, is suffering from an increase in numbers as well. Our continued focus and number one priority throughout the pandemic is the health and safety of our employees. We regularly review the safety and hygiene practices of our offices and facilities in line with government advice and local developments. Where possible we have established working from home and some of our teams work in shifts.

As a company with facilities in India and Vietnam and customers in 60 different countries, we inevitably encountered some supply chain disruptions. Whilst we are trying to manage to the best of our ability any delays in shipments or deliveries, we ask for your understanding if this causes any inconveniences.

In the global fight against Covid-19 we support local hospitals and protect local communities wherever we can. We have donated medical supplies, washing machines and computers to Taluk Government Hospital in Cochin, India, as it transitioned into a dedicated Covid-19 hospital. We have provided High Flow Masks and O2 Masks to the Government Hospital Barmer in Rajasthan, India. We keep in close contact with various police stations and other distribution organisations near our sustainable sourcing clusters in India, to assess what is needed. In Vietnam we donate food directly to the Thuan An hospital in Bing Duong on a regularly basis. We also donate to charities that provides food for 600 children in local quarantined areas.

If COVID-19 has shown us anything, it is the interdependence of the food system and the vulnerability of smallholder farmers within that system. That is why we continue our work in Nedspice Farmers Partnership Program and invite new farmers every year. While we navigate through the various challenges of COVID-19, we remain firmly committed to sustainability and encourage industry peers to do the same. As we truly believe that we should continue to work on sustainable spicing together.