Nedspice plants Neem trees saplings in Kadapa, India

News 04 Sep 2019

To promote the use of Neem trees, Nedspice provided 70 saplings free of charge to turmeric farmers in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh in India. Neem trees (Azadirachta indica) play a major role in environmental restoration and agriculture. Maintaining soil fertility, reducing air pollution and improving ground water level are just some of the environmental benefits of planting neem trees. Neem tree also has strong pest and insect repellent properties. Neem oil extracted from neem seeds is used widely as a natural insecticide in organic farming. The components naturally present in the neem leaves disrupt the shape and structure of the insect’s hormones which ultimately cause negative impacts to the pest and insect life cycle.

By providing neem saplings to the farmers, we promote the use of neem-based bio-insecticides over any other chemical pesticide of insecticide the farmers may use. The trees, that grow almost 10 feet a year, contribute to afforestation and give natural shade.

The turmeric farmer portrayed on the right participates in Nedspice Farmers Partnership Programme. To learn more about the programme, click here.