Nedspice partners with University of Ho Chi Minh City on sensory research

R&D 06 May 2020

Black Pepper Sensory profile

Recently Nedspice, in partnership with the University of Ho Chi Minh City, has started developing sensory profiles for black pepper. We have provided extensive training to a group of sensory scientists, who can now identify and attribute 21 different flavours to black pepper (ground and whole). We aim to expand our sensory expertise to other products as well.

Developing a sensory profile helps us gain a better understanding of the product and the way we experience taste. As consumers are becoming more and more familiar with new flavours and are open to new taste experiences, we believe it is important to truly understand all the components of which taste is made. In order to deliver quality consistent products, now and in the future.

Did you know that pepper produced in Cambodia and Vietnam generally has a more honey-like taste compared to Malaysian produced pepper?