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Please meet Trung

Tong Thanh Trung recently joined Nedspice as a Quality Assistant Manager.

Who is Trung in a nutshell?

“For as long as I can remember I have had a strong interest in all living things, especially those that we cannot see with the naked eye. That is why I decided to study microbiology at the University of Technology in Ho Chi Minh City. After finishing my studies, I started working in various roles within the Food and Packaging sector before ending up at Nedspice. In my free time I am currently very occupied with my one-year old baby Leo.”

Tell us about your first couple of months at Nedspice? What did you notice?

“The thing that strikes me the most is that quality is really important to Nedspice. It is the start and end of any conversation. I have a lot of respect for the commitment to product quality, which is present throughout the company. The other thing I noticed, is the friendly environment and how easy it is to communicate with colleagues from other departments, or even with colleagues working in other continents.”

"The commitment to product quality is present throughout the company."

Why did you join Nedspice?

“I was working at Nedspice customers Ajinomoto and Nestlé Vietnam previously, and Nedspice has a very good reputation at these companies, which intrigued me. Also, on LinkedIn I noticed that a lot of employees have been with Nedspice for years, which I think is a good sign. So, when I saw the vacancy I just had to apply.”

What do you bring to the table?

“I have experience in different roles within the food sector, from working with raw agriculture materials to laboratory work as well as developing package lines. This helps me to look at my work from different perspectives and to contribute to the developments of the company in a broad sense.”

How do you see the future? What type of opportunities do you see for Nedspice?

“I feel that there are a lot of opportunities to further grow our market in Asia. In terms of sustainability I would like to add more spices to our sustainable product range. I think that sustainability will become increasingly important in the years to come and I would love for Nedspice to play a leading role in those developments. A personal challenge is to keep up with Nedspice’s fast growth and to show my ability to contribute in different areas.”