NFPP Nedspice Kisaan Club

The NFPP team in India realised that cumin farmers in Rajasthan heavily depend on fertilizers and pesticides they buy from local dealers. Dealers who mostly issue inferior products that result in soil nutrient degradation, low yield and non-compliance with regulations on pesticide residues. That is why they initiated Nedspice Kisaan Club in 2018.

The Nedspice Kisaan Club selects farmers from NFPP programme, who then receive an NKC smart card. This card can be used to procure agri-inputs at the Nedspice distribution centres at a reduced price. Based on the information stored on the card, the right type and quantity of inputs is recommended by NFPP executives for the farmers’ crop. NKC farmers do not have to pay for the inputs directly, but costs will be deducted from their harvest income afterwards. This enables farmers to procure tailormade high-quality inputs without investing money beforehand, as well as receiving a higher price for their crop owing to better quality. Simultaneously, Nedspice benefits from quality products, increased control over its supply chain and loyal farmers.