Product grades

The processing facilities in Vietnam and India are capable of turning out a wide variety of different grades of whole, ground and cracked spices to customer specification. On an average Nedspice supplies well over 150 different grades and types. To ensure that our finished product are free of foreign material all products processed by Nedspice are cleaned and graded by using various types of cleaning equipment such as de-stoners, aspirators, spirals, magnets, sieves.  In addition our plants are equipped with Ventilex built steam sterilization equipment with a capacity of up to 2.5 tons per hour. This is complemented by a number of different types of nitrogen cooled mills, blending and metal detection equipment, which all together facilitates a combined processing capacity of around 16,000 tons of homogenized finished products.

Typical grades that can be produced are:

  • Fine grind: 250 to 600 micron (60-34 mesh)

  • Coarse ground: 600 to 1000 micron (30-18 mesh)

  • Cracked: 1000 to 2000 micron (16-8 mesh)

  • Half berries